The following DVD's have something to do with the autistic Spectrum.
After Thomas
After Thomas is based on a true story about an extraordinary friendship. That was first shown on ITV.

Kyle Graham is scared, not of monsters under the bed like any average six year old, but of everything. Normal everyday activities prove terrifying to him and he can't communicate his fears, or share them with friends, because he can't use language and he has no friends. Kyle has autism, a condition it took his parents two desperate years to get diagnosed. So his day consists of endless traumas and tantrums and unimaginable stress for his mother Nicola.
Thomas is the new friend of Kyle. Buy the DVD to find out what happens to Kyle and Thomas.

Snow Cake
Snow Cake is a drama about the friendship between Linda, a woman with autism, and Alex who is traumatized after a car accident involving himself and Linda's daughter.
Autism the musical
The film recounts six months in the 2005-06 life of five children with autism and their parents in Los Angeles, California as their children write and rehearse for an original stage production. Among the children, Henry Stills is an expert on dinosaurs and a budding comedian; Adam Mandela Walden plays the cello and sings in the film. The other children featured in the film have one or more things they excel at doing if only given the training they need to communicate and develop those skills.
Mozart and the Whale
The film tells the story of two people with Asperger syndrome (a form of autism). Donald (Josh Hartnett) runs a small self-help group for people on the autism spectrum who are more affected by their autism than he is. Isabelle (Radha Mitchell) is referred to the group by her therapist. Mozart and the Whale is a fictional account, using characters loosely based on the real-life relationship of Jerry Newport and Mary Meinel (now Mary Newport).

The Black Balloon
When Thomas and his family move to a new home in the early 1990s and he has to start at a new school, all he wants is to fit in. When his pregnant mother needs to rest, he is put in charge of his autistic older brother Charlie. Thomas, with the help of his new girlfriend Jackie faces his biggest challenge yet. Charlie's unusual antics take Thomas on an emotional journey that causes his pent-up frustrations about his brother to pour out.