You are not alone and there is lots of help available.
Diagnosing a condition
If you have read the symptoms pages and you think that you may have one of the conditions mentioned you first need to speak to your local health service to find out specifically what you need to do. If you are over 18 and without a diagnosis, then you might have to pay privately for an assessment. Before they can diagnose a condition they normally proceed with tests. The tests that they do will help them to work out wether they then might need to refer you to another specialist.

Getting treatments
Treatments can vary from medication to therapy.  Your doctor or specialist should go through the different options available to you, Unfortunately we can't give medical or financial advise but we can signpost you to proffesionals who can help)

Treatments might be

If your doctor thinks your speech could be improved you might be referred to Speech and Language Therapy. Some autistic adolescents might to be able to talk; therefore they can help with verbal communication skills and so greatly influence a persons socialisation process whether in school or at work.
Occupational Therapy covers a large area which involves visual, hearing and motor skills. For some people help with fine visual and motor skills are needed for handwriting others might need help in visual perception, neurological and postural control or the planning and organisation of tasks.

Getting support
Counselors may play a vital role in helping people come to terms with their diagnoses. They can help with their learning styles and with the general trails and tribulations of life. For youngsters they can also help by giving a behaviour plan at school and at home.

Check out the links page for organisations that might be able to offer help and support.

By far the most important factor in helping yourself is YOU!
If you let yourself get down and be beaten then you will be.  But if you get the information about your condition, know you are not the only one, get as much help as you can and approach life with determination then your life will be far better than perhaps it is at the moment.
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